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We're developing novel, cost-effective endovascular therapies specifically designed for chronic venous insufficiency.

About Us

With extensive experience in interventional device manufacturing and commercialization, our seasoned team is developing next-level endovascular therapies specifically designed for chronic venous insufficiency. Crossfire is well-positioned to disrupt the endovenous market through COGS flexibility, operational excellence, and physician satisfaction.

Management Experience

Brady Hatcher, Founder & Principal
Brady has founded 6+ medtech start-ups, including Switchback Medical, Proto Lase, and BioSim Innovations. In addition to decades of interventional R&D experience, he’s led multiple exits including Fast Foward Medical to Vention Medical.

Scott Nelson, Founder & Principal
Scott has founded multiple medtech and healthtech start-ups including Joovv, a high-growth D2C health & wellness company that’s been featured in the New York Times, ESPN, and other well-known media outlets. Scott has 15+ years of deep vascular experience and led U.S. marketing for Medtronic’s endovenous business.

Randy Beyreis, CTO
Randy has 20+ years of deep interventional catheter design and development experience. He's co-founded and exited multiple medtech start-ups, including Fast Forward Medical to Vention Medical.

JC Sun, PhD, MBA, Advisor
JC was a core team member for Medtronic’s acquisition & integration of Invatec and has extensive cross-border medtech experience with equity financing and strategic partnerships. In addition to a PhD and MBA, JC has over 10 issued patents and has been involved in multiple product launches across the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

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